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Regulated Agent

Angkasa Pura Logistics Regulated Agent was introduced to strengthen the security of air cargo since 2012. Our Regulated Agent has been certified by the Ministry of Transportation Republic Indonesia to do cargo security check, responsible for providing security protection for cargo shipments that have been inspected until they are handed over to airlines, issue the Consignment Security Declaration (CSD), and provide the professional team. We have 6 regulated agents located in Surabaya, Bali, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Makassar, and Jayapura. Read More


Total Baggage Solution (TBS)

Total Baggage Solution (TBS) is the airport terminal services including wrapping, strapping, and packing to provide customers convenience in bringing their baggage and belongings. Total baggage solutions are now available in 16 airport terminals since was introduced in 2014. For customers who want to leave their luggage or belongings, we provide “left luggage” service in I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport Bali and Lombok International Airport. Read More


Contract Logistics (Warehouse and Distribution)

Angkasa Pura Logistics Warehouses focused on providing service for keeping and monitoring customers’ inventory. We give solutions for inventory management problems by providing realtime information using Warehouse Management System (WMS) in all warehousing process including inventory stock report and data interface. Our warehouse also occupied by pest control and security system to support warehouse sanitation and security. We also serve our customers to distribute their goods properly and professionally. Angkasa Pura Logistics Warehouses have been established in some of our coverage area, those are Jakarta, Bali, Balikpapan, and Surabaya. Read More

Freight Forwarding

Angkasa Pura Logistics Forwarding is able to handle both export and import, air freight, land freight, and  sea freight shipments including  transhipment cargo, door to door delivery, customs clearance, and consolidation. We streamline shipping  operations and make sure customer receive their items in a timely manner. Through our global network, we can provide the highest quality services continously by providing comfort, safety and accuracy in providing solutions or ideas to achieve customer satisfication. Read More

Cargo Services

Angkasa Pura Logistics cargo terminal is one of the best cargo terminal operators in Indonesia, we handle around 350.000 tonnes of airfreight and post per year. We are the key point in the supply chain where international and domestic goods are loaded and unloaded in Angkasa Pura Airports. We have 15 cargo terminals to provide superior quality with extensive space and standard operating procedures for physical cargo handling service to import, export and transshipment cargo. Read More

Air Freight

Air Freight is widely recognized as the best option in terms of the speed and efficiency of time for the delivery of goods. APLOG Air Freight serves special flights using cargo aircraft. For your every need, whether it is shipping individuals, companies or other transportation, APLOG Air Freight will make offers tailored to your needs and provide personalized services designed to support all levels of existing business. Regardless of size, weight or whatever type of item that you want us to deliver, we will serve according to the desired time and budget. There is no doubt that the ability to move goods by air, we are the right choice. Read More


Kegiatan Pengiriman dan Penerimaan Kargo  dari dan ke Terminal Kargo (Lini I) yang akan di berangkatkan atau  didatangkan melalui Udara, termasuk pelayanan pendukung lainnya seperti : penjualan SMU Penerbangan dan Pengepakan. Read More

SiAP Express

SiAP! Express provides door-to-door delivery services in a short period of time, to make it more convenience for customers to send and receive goods more efficiently. Supported by technology and professional human resources to handle goods such as dangerous goods, marine products, perishable goods, and valuable goods, APLog aims to provide customers with more benefits through our infrastructure, resources and experience through reliable services and competitive cost. Read More

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